This World is Full of Goodbyes (thoughts)

Tomorrow my first solo single, ‘This World is Full of Goodbyes’, will be released on Amsterdam Trance Records. This song is quite special to me. I was devastated as I wrote it, because I thought I was going to have to say goodbye to someone very special and dear to me.
Luckily, I did not.

But the song applies to all kinds of goodbyes. Consider how many people you’ve had to say goodbye to during your life. Think back. It can be lovers, family members, friends or beloved companion animals. Now a treasured part of your memories.

I’ve always considered ‘goodbye’ a really powerful word. Bitter-sweet. I don’t like saying goodbye. Sometimes even talking of saying goodbye can make me cry. Because the word itself sounds so – final. I prefer “see you soon”.

We walk in this world alone, crossing or entering each other’s lives for shorter or longer periods of time. But at some point in time, in one way or the other, we will always have to say goodbye to the ones we love.

I don’t know what you believe in. And I’m not sure what I myself believe in. Luckily there’s no definite proof, that we will not be reunited with our loved ones at a later point – in another life, in another time, in another dimension, in another world. But this world is full of goodbyes and that’s a fact I’ve always had a hard time dealing with.

~ Yours SG


“Walking down the lane of regret and pain
Hands of time has been rough on you and I and us
Our time is running out for sure, there is no doubt
But I will hold on to the love that now is gone

Hold me close, stay tonight, don’t let go
Cause this world is full of goodbyes
Heal my heart one more time, don’t let go
Cause this world is full of goodbyes

This world is full of goodbyes
Cause this world is full of goodbyes”



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