Release: Nitrous Oxide & Stine Grove – Cage Bird

Out now on Amsterdam Trance Records/Raz Nitzan Music: Nitrous Oxide & Stine Grove – Cage Bird!

“‘Cage Bird’ has everything you would expect from a joining of such talent. Exquisite vocals, excellent production values with plenty of atmosphere and an uplifting drop that will get EVERYONE moving… We can’t get enough!” [Amsterdam Trance Records].

Hear or download Cage Bird on Beatport.

Nitrous Oxide & Stine Grove - CAGE BIRD

Lyrics for “Cage Bird” can be found here.


One thought on “Release: Nitrous Oxide & Stine Grove – Cage Bird”

  1. Lidia Sasdelli says:

    Dear Stine,

    congratulations for this track in collaboration with Nitrus Oxide. A truly powerful track, in the melody, in the rhythm, in the words …. it is spectacular, a sound bomb destined to last! As always, you are perfect and precise. Keep making me dream, honey. Love you, babe. <3

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