Headstrong – I Will Find You feat. Stine Grove (lyrics)

(Melody and lyrics written by Headstrong, performed by Stine Grove)

Somewhere I will find you, And take the pain out of your eyes
Somehow I will heal you, And kill the hurt you feel inside
I know sometimes it aint easy, To be something they wanted you to be
I know you became a stranger, When they tried to change you, Too blind to see

Somewhere I will find you, Lost in the confusion
Burning like a teardrop in the pain
Somewhere I will find you, Standing by the fire
Haunted by the devil and the flames,
Somewhere I will find you

Someday I will need you, To fill this emptiness inside
Somehow you will save me, And take the heartache from my eyes
Sometimes I can really feel it, When I know you mean it, I survive
Trust me one more time, Put your heart with mine, Come make me feel alive

And I donโ€™t know, when your broken wings will fly
And I donโ€™t know, if our love will live or die

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Headstrong - I WILL FIND YOU feat. Stine Grove

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