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  1. Al says:

    You are the best !!!!!

  2. SpyderTracks says:

    Stine, I’m a huge fan of The Thrillseekers, and often stick on the Escape album. 2 of your tracks on that, “How Will I know” and “Where Are You Now” never cease to bowl me over, the music is wonderful, but it’s the lyrics accompanied with your pure voice that take it to that deeper level and I understand you worked very much with Steve on that project. Thank you so much!

  3. Lidia Sasdelli says:

    Hello my sweetie! ^__-

    How are you?
    I’ve been thinking about you these days and I wanted to congratulate you on your latest single with DAN STONE “If I Never Make It Home” which is truly exceptional!!! *__*

    I also love your acoustic version, you have a beautiful voice (I have repeated it to you 1000 times!) and unique in the world, you are a particular and special girl to me! ^__^

    Much Love….
    Lidia (Lilly)

  4. Lidia Sasdelli says:

    Happy birthday to you, dear Stine! 🙂
    Best wishes, sweetest and magnificent soul!

    And …. congratulations to you and the great Raz Nitzan for the beautiful “Snow Angels” that I can’t stop listening to in the Extended Mix version …. great job, you are an exceptional couple! 😉

    Hugs and kisses from Italy. : ***

  5. Lars Werner says:

    Hi Stine,

    Thank you for the great tune In Euphoria We Rise!
    It has been on my playlist since release and still going strong. The combination of your beautiful voice and Aurosonic “flow-trance” is a great match.

    I wonder why the new great tune with Headstrong isn’t linked to your profile in Spotify?

    Keep up the great work and be safe!

    Cheers from Norway , Lars

  6. Lidia Sasdelli says:

    Hi Stine! ^__-

    I waited a long time to write in your guestbook but I wanted to find the special opportunity to do it and now there is.

    Congratulations to you and Headstrong on the beautiful track masterpiece you made, a perfect wedding!
    Your voice is beautiful and unmistakable, the melody is also perfect, the text is beautiful!
    “November” is TOTY (Tune Of The Year) for me!
    My favorite two remixes are those of Sunyella and Factoria Music, amazing!

    A greeting and a virtual hug. ^^***
    Lidia (Lilly)

  7. Mark Olesen says:

    I recently found your music. I like it. Allot. Thanks.

  8. Lidia Sasdelli says:

    Woooooow!!! *___*
    Congratulations my sweet Stine for the cover of Within Temptation!!!
    I subscribed to the newsletters of your Elysatium group and you are truly incredible, fantastic!!!
    I will always follow you Stine, I fell in love with your beautiful voice and you already know this … Whether you sing Trance or you sing Symphonic Metal you are always the best!!! I love you …. forever!!!

    P.S .: thank you very much for replying to my email in March, I almost didn’t believe you would have done it, you were really kind!!!

    A thousand kisses from Italy! ^^***

  9. Lidia (Lilly) says:

    Happy birthday, my sweet, Stine Grove!!! *__*
    I wish you a wonderful day and continue to make me dream with your amazing voice.
    You are the Queen of Trance, the number 1 voice for me, I just love you!!!
    Thanks for existing!!!
    Greetings and many kisses from Italy. ^^ ***

    Buon compleanno, mia dolce, Stine Grove!!! *__*
    Ti auguro una giornata meravigliosa e continua a farmi sognare con la tua splendida.
    Sei la Regina della Trance, la voce numero 1 per me, semplicemente ti adoro!!!
    Grazie di esistere!!!
    Saluti e tanti baci dall’Italia. ^^ ***

  10. Lidia (Lilly) says:

    Stine Grove: the number 1 voice in the world!!
    You are the best ever, an angel, a siren …. a beautiful warrior woman!!
    Go Stine Go! <3

  11. John says:

    Hi Stine,

    Your voice is amazing. Thank you for blessing the world with amazing vocals in trance tunes.

    God bless you!!

  12. Lidia Sasdelli says:

    Dear sweet STINE,

    2019 is ending and I am happy because it has been a very dark and gloomy year for me, a year full of pain and suffering, where I have truly vomited my soul.

    But thanks to you and your wonderful voice, unique, special, incredible, to your beautiful music which is also my music which I have been passionate about for many years and I follow day after day, thanks to your angelic presence, thanks to your site, I was able get out of this terrible evil that I felt inside.

    Without you, I swear, I would never have made it … without all the splendid voices like you and the DJ’s that produce Trance! You were the light and energy I needed and the reason for living that I was able to save myself.

    Thanks STINE! Thank you so much! And I wish you a fantastic 2020 full of new music productions and your huge vocal power!

    Greetings and kisses from Italy to Denmark.
    From your huge fan,

    Lidia ♫♥♫

  13. Jonathan Edmond Lawless says:

    May Yaweh BLESS YOU Mrs. Stine Grove, You are the greatest vocal trance singer of all time : You are an Angel!!!


    Does Your Company, or affiliates, have a mail order catalog, that I can print a copy of an order form, and buy Compact Discs instead of Using a Computer and Social Media, I’m TERRIFIED!!!!!!!!!, of TECHNOLOGY, and my family is very sick. I just want the world to go back to the way things used to be. I’m tired of all of the VIOLENCE!!!!!!!!!!!
    THIS is one of my first social media comments.
    no solicitation warranted,:; THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.

  14. Pierre Thibault says:

    Hello Stine,
    Your voice is pure, so beautiful, it transports me, soothes and heals my wounds. I feel your pure spirit, your sincerity and your love through your songs and the crystalline of your voice. You are beautiful from the outside as well as the inside. Thank you for being part of my life, thank you for existing, for sharing your gift and your talent with me and this world that needs it. From Canada, Quebec xxx

  15. Trace Brown says:

    Your voice, Siren or angel, you have cracked open my frozen chest and breathed life onto my shattered heart. Thank you.

  16. Dj substance says:

    Absolutely amazing vocals and melodies. Keep it up please!!

    Dj substance
    Deep beats no ads

    absolutely amazing music and music and vocals I love everything you do

  17. Jovanna says:

    Hi, Stine! I love your voice and songs.

  18. Lisa Christi says:

    Your beautiful voice reflects the beauty of your Soul– You’re a beautiful girl too 🙂 I am a singer too and would Love to sing with you– maybe in the next life….

  19. Max says:

    Your voice is amasing!!! Thank you for your songs!!! Like you =)

  20. Ageless Effulgence(AE) says:

    Wow,i love your songs and the uplifting trance!Appreciate to the whole of you very much,your songs make my hart shocked!Especially the “Ramore” by Ram/Stine Grove,this song when i listened at my first as soon as my heart was shocked and intoxicated!oh,i love you so much,i hope i can see you whatever just for one time,when i see your website you deeply eyes in the cover made me shake and numb,who you are?finally i know you,re denmark,wow,we are in the long distance,i am in China south east,approximately 10 thousand km,but i am truly believe the music is able to thoughout to the whole dimension of the universe,you are one of my favourite Trance singer,thank you so much,my favourite of your song is “Ramore”,i,ve listen it for above ten times,well,i love it so much,i loveDJ,thanks!!!

  21. Ste says:

    Vocals that caress the soul.

  22. THE WIZARD DK says:

    You are simply the Best vocalist denmark ever had within the genre of Trance.
    im very proud to be part of your network,and i hope i never ever miss a song from you again ^_^

    You are the number one vocalist in my book !

    I truly love your voice.

    The voice of an Angel <3
    Den skønneste stemme i Trance

  23. Mark Lockstone says:

    Your voice has the power to soothe me, to make me feel like nothing can touch or harm me. Makes my soul dance and come to life. You are and will always be my most cherished Female Vocalist in ANY genre. Thank you for sharing your gift with me and the World.

  24. Dhruv says:

    “Don’t give up now, it’ll be ok… I’ll fight for you forever and a day”
    “You were the time of my life, ooh yeah… And all our tender moments, they won’t go away”

    Thank you for singing those songs so soulfully. There’s a girl that I loved with all my heart, but… she is now with someone else and I’ve learned that she isn’t doing all fine…….. She is a good singer herself and somehow those tracks make me miss her and find her in the music and the lyrics

  25. glyn prosser says:

    Stine, you have the voice of a angel & your so stunning to go with it as well. I play your records every day, i love them. Hope you have a lovely xmas and a great new year where ever you are. Lots of love and kisses from a fan in the UK England .xxx

  26. Tony says:

    Hey Stine, Beautiful Voice, Beautiful Person, So Amazing… Plz Keep Singing xxx

  27. Amir hossien says:

    I do not know what is the secret of your tears song??? is so beautiful after each hearing

  28. Orkun says:

    As an angel. And I’m sure we’ll meet one day. Maybe in this world maybe in another cosmos. Love your voice and love you Stine <3

  29. Lidia says:

    I love trance music: you are my favorite singer! You have a beautiful and unique voice. I love you. Great site, I like it.

  30. drmstate says:

    Just discovered “Against the flow”… wow, sends shivers through me core. Thank you.

  31. northerntrancer5 says:

    Against the flow has been on repeat here for months! Simply amazinggg!

  32. jinx0nyx slavico says:

    your angel voice helps me through some touch time, pls never stop singing

  33. Japper says:

    Love your latest work!

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