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Release: The Thrillseekers – Escape (with Stine Grove)

The Thrillseekers eagerly awaited début album, Escape, is finally out on FSOE! The album features no less than 3 songs with Stine Grove: ‘How Will I Know’, ‘Where Are You Now’ and ‘Anywhere With You’.

Hear or download Escape here.

About working with The Thrillseekers

Years back when I first heard The Thrillseekers’ amazing tunes ‘The Last Time’ and ‘Waiting Here For You’, I thought to myself “What a unique and innovative sound – I’d love to work with that guy!”.
I would never have believed that years ahead into the future, I would be so lucky as to feature on his début album, Escape – and even on 3 tracks! But here we are.

It was really inspiring working with Steve Helstrip, and we soon learned that we share the same perfectionist approach. We had a great and fun dialogue all the way through the creation of our songs, and he even kindly helped me fix some technical studio problems by long distance guidance. Today I feel, that Steve has become one of my best connections in this scene and one of a few people in this industry, I can count on.

Creating these songs together was truly a creative and emotional journey. Particularly ‘How Will I know’ reminds me of a special place I was in my life at the time we wrote it. There’s so much emotion poured into this song, and it is not until recently I’ve been able to listen to it without shedding tears. There’s a lot of hurt in it, but also a lot of beauty.

Having worked with The Thrillseekers, I’m even more impressed with his artistic and musical abilities than before. For me the tracks we have made together are some of the most beautiful and evocative music, my voice has ever been included in (film score potential imo). I am incredibly proud of them and hope you’ll enjoy them just as much as I do.

~ Yours SG

The Thrillseekers – How Will I Know (with Stine Grove)

The Thrillseekers - Escape with Stine Grove

Watch the night fade away
Still hurting from the words spoken
Our paths let astray
Life we shared left shattered and broken

How will I find my way out of the dark
When will I let go
How will I know

Feel the walls closing in
My restless heart left torn and lonely
I see dark skies within
Wishing you were here to hold me

How will I know (when I’ve found my way out)
My way out of the dark (and the lingering silence)
When will I let go (of my shadows and doubts)
How will I know

A future unknown, what will become when you’re not here
Now stand here alone, trying to leave you behind, trying to let go

The Thrillseekers – Where Are You Now (with Stine Grove)

Where are you now
Need to reach you somehow
Somewhere, someday, sometime
I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine

This is not our last goodbye
Will see you again on the other side
I’ll hold my breath and never let go
Until the day that you come home

The Thrillseekers – Anywhere With You (with Stine Grove)

(lyrics by Kristina Westin)

I would give it all, for a chance to be with you
When I’m in your arms, I feel love, and I know you feel it too

Cause every breath you take will clear my way
I hope the love we share comes true someday

I’m losing my mind when I think of you
And you are always around, in my thoughts it’s nothing new

Cause every breath you take will clear my way
I hope the love we share comes true someday

There is no place I’d rather be, than anywhere with you.

Cause every breath you take will clear my way
I hope the love we share comes true someday

* * *


Release: Stine Grove & Stargazers – Time Travel Away

“Stine Grove & Stargazers – Time Travel Away” is out now on Amsterdam Trance Records!
The release has had great support from Solarstone, Mike Saint-Jues, Alexander Popov, Photographer, DJ Feel and many more and includes two mixes: the Original Mix and the Adip Kiyoi Remix with a more progressive sound.

Hear or download to two mixes of “Time Travel Away”.

About the song ‘Time Travel Away’

I wanted to sum up the emotions of my broken relationships, and I think the dissonance between the slightly happy chord progression and the sad lyrics actually time-travel-away-stine-groveenhances the sadness of the song.

The regrets: Could I have done things differently? Why didn’t I?
The feeling of not being able to see a future without that person. Everything seems nauseating and meaningless.
The devastating acknowledgement of the fact, that these happy, loving moments and memories now belong to another time – a time moving fast away from you with every heartbeat. A time that you will never get back.
The feeling of falling, asking yourself: When will I hit the ground? When will I not be able to go lower? When will my path upwards towards to light begin?
I think we’ve all been there, haven’t we…?

~ Yours SG

Time Travel Away
It’s been days since our goodbye
Cannot perceive the future though I try
Shadows are getting longer on my wall
I’ve jumped off a cliff and still I fall

How I wish I could take back all the things I’ve said
How I wish could be undone all the things I did
Sitting here all alone now, devastated heart
Darling, please you forgive me – I want a brand new start

You’re a time travel away
You’re a time travel away from me
All the love I ever felt, all the love you gave
Is a time travelling away

* * *

Did the song strike a chord with you? I always love to hear from you, so feel free to leave a comment below.


Solis & Sean Truby w. Ultimate & Stine Grove – Your Dawn

Out now on Infrasonic Pure: “Solis & Sean Truby with Ultimate & Stine Grove – Your Dawn”!
Huge support from Armin van Buuren (ASOT #786 + #787 + Future Favourite), and great support from Ferry Corsten, Solarstone, Sean Tyas, Photographer etc.

Get “Your Dawn” on Beatport.

About the song ‘Your Dawn’

This song originated from the same breath and state of mind as my previous release (‘Forever and a Day’) and it is dedicated to everybody out there going through hard times. Life is made of ups and downs, but when things get really tough, we tend to lose sight of the good things – and (even worse) of hope. Hope that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

But “it’s always darkest before dawn”, as some clever head once said. I believe this to be true about most hardships. You must never lose hope that things will eventually get better and that you will be happy again.
But if you ever do – “Your Dawn” is written for you.

~ Yours SG

Your Dawn
Time has written on your face
Every story, every graze
Time is written in your eyes
All the wrongs and all the rights

Don’t shut me out, I won’t let you down
There’s no need to keep it all inside

Whenever your world suddenly comes down
When all your hopes and dreams are gone
When silence swallows your every thought
When you get lost in the dark, I’ll be your dawn



Release: RAM & Stine Grove – Forever and a Day (single)

Out now on Grotesque Music: RAM & Stine Grove – ‘Forever and a Day’!

This heartfelt song has been played no less than 4 times by Armin Van Buuren in his radio show, A State of Trance (ASOT), and voted Future Favorite (most popular track) by the listeners.
A week after release the track hit number 1. on the Beatport Trance Top 100 Chart.

Hear or download Forever and a Day (single) on Beatport.
Also available on Beatport: Forever and a Day (album mix).

Forever and a DayLyrics:

I’ll show you I love you
I’ll show you I care
I’ll tell you everything you want and need to hear
I’ll heal your sorrow as long as I’m here
I’ll make you smile again so loud and clear

When your daylight disappears
When the storm is coming near
When you feel like hope is gone
Lean on me – I’ll be strong

Let it all out now, it will be ok
Cause I’m gonna heal you now, forever and a day
Don’t you give up now, it will be ok
Cause I’m gonna fight for you forever and a day

About the song ‘Forever and a Day’

I wanted to write the song as a successor to mine and RAM’s previous song, ‘RAMore’, which was about losing your loved one. While ‘RAMore’ was written from the point of view of the person left behind, ‘Forever and a Day’ is expressed from the point of view of the one who passed away.

I tried to imagine how this person would probably feel and want say to the lover left behind, if given the chance. Basically the lyrics are the comforting, loving words from a lover to another.
Of course, in a broader sense, the lyrics are meant to be relatable for everybody going through a tough time, but is fortunate to have someone special to lean on and carry them through.

~ Yours SG


Release: Headstrong – I Won’t Fall feat. Stine Grove

Out now on Sola Records: Headstrong – I Won’t Fall feat. Stine Grove!
With radio support from Armin Van Buuren in his radioshow, A State of Trance (ASOT).

Full release includes no less than 11 different remixes:

1. Headstrong & Aurosonic Progressive Mix.Headstrong - I WON'T FALL feat. Stine Grove
2. Re0rder Club Mix.
3. Original Mix.
4. Ahmet Atasever Mix.
5. Anima Mix.
6. Zetandel Chillout Mix.
7. Headstrong & Aurosonic Radio Mix.
8. Re0rder Dub Mix.
9. Original Radio Mix.
10. Re0rder Radio Mix.
11. Strings & Acoustic Piano Mix.

Hear or download “I Won’t Fall” on Beatport.
Or get the CD on

Lyrics for “I Won’t Fall” can be found here.


Release: Stine Grove – Against the Flow

Out now on Pure Trance/Black Hole Recordings as included on Solarston’s Pure Trance Vol. 4:
Stine Grove – Against the Flow (Solarstone Pure Mix)!

With huge support from Paul Oakenfold (Planet Perfecto), Solarstone (“Solarstone’s Big Tune” on Pure Trance Radio),  Aly & Fila (Future Sound of Egypt), Giuseppe Ottaviani (GO On Air) and RAM (Grotesque radioshow).

Stine Grove - AGAINST THE FLOW (Solarstone Pure Mix)

“One of the most discussed tracks from Pure Trance Vol. 4 is this Solarstone production of Denmark’s finest trance vocalist Stine Grove.
A perfect pairing apparently, as Solarstone transforms Stine’s delicate ballad of hope into a soaring pure trance anthem. With a meaty hook in the form of a heartfelt I’ll Get Us Home refrain and an infectious synth riff to back it up, Against The Flow is a cut above.”

[Black Hole Recordings]

”Such a pleasure to work with such a gorgeous simple song & natural sounding vocal.” [Solarstone]

Hear or download Against the Flow on Beatport.

Lyrics for “Against the Flow” can be found here.


Release: Stine Grove – This World is Full of Goodbyes

Out now on Amsterdam Trance Records – the first solo release of Stine Grove: This World is Full of Goodbyes!

The track has received great support by Armin van Buuren (ASOT), Ferry Corsten (Corsten’s Countdown), Roger Shah (Magic Island), Audrey Gallagher (Viva Voce) and Solarstone in his Pure Trance Radio show where it was chosen as Solarstone’s Big Tune. Furthermore it was picked as the #MustHearTrance of Beatport!

“It’s our second time featuring the incredible Stine Grove here at Amsterdam Trance Records and with the first release ‘Cage Bird’ with Nitrous Oxide reaching the Beatport Trance Top 20, we can’t wait to see what this one does! Stine’s vocal performances are unmatched, the emotion and energy poured into every track is breath taking and we’re proud to bring you ‘This World Is Full of Goodbyes’.

Fans of Trance and Vocal Trance alike are going to love this one as we’ve put together a sensational remix package. First up is a solid, well measured production from Dimension which perfectly lifts Stines vocals into a dream state. Following on is Sergey Shabanov with an absolute belter of a track as he cranks up the BPM and the euphoria, simply breathtaking.” [Amsterdam Trance Records]

The release includes:
1. Dimension Remix.
2. Sergey Shabanov Remix.

Hear or download This World is Full of Goodbyes on Beatport.

Lyrics for “This World is Full of Goodbyes” can be found here.

Interested to know Stine Grove’s story behind “This World is Full of Goodbyes”? Read it here.


Release: RAM & Stine Grove – RAMore (remixes)

Out now on Black Hole Recordings/Grotesque: RAM & Stine Grove – RAMore remixes!
Supported by Armin Van Buuren in A State of Trance.

Release includes:
1. Arctic Moon Remix.
2. Solis & Sean Truby Remix.

Hear or download RAMore remixes on Beatport.


Lyrics for “RAMore” can be found here.


Release: Nitrous Oxide & Stine Grove – Cage Bird

Out now on Amsterdam Trance Records/Raz Nitzan Music: Nitrous Oxide & Stine Grove – Cage Bird!

“‘Cage Bird’ has everything you would expect from a joining of such talent. Exquisite vocals, excellent production values with plenty of atmosphere and an uplifting drop that will get EVERYONE moving… We can’t get enough!” [Amsterdam Trance Records].

Hear or download Cage Bird on Beatport.

Nitrous Oxide & Stine Grove - CAGE BIRD

Lyrics for “Cage Bird” can be found here.